Master The Art Of Helping Family Caregivers With BrioCare

BrioCare takes Alexa one step further creating an app that provides caregivers with remote access to their loved ones. This makes it easier for family caregivers to help promote independent living in numerous ways by being inclusive and stress free at the same time. 

Command voice calls 

“Alexa? call !” 

That’s it with voice tech you can set up whatever you need by just prompting it! As easy as that! You can shift to video mode by just saying “Alexa put the video on”. Et voila! that’s it! Easy as it sounds.


Sending emails

BrioCare app makes written mailer alerts reach seamlessly on time. So that you never miss a day with your loved ones.

Wanna know knitting or hanging fairy lights or maybe make jack-o-lanterns or cook up a cake from Christmas eve ?

Your loved ones can equally enjoy these seasons by looking up online tutorials. Alexa can play them and you’d be amazed at what they watched and learnt.

Receive updates on their well-being

BrioCare also offers the ability to receive daily well-being updates. Your loved one simply has to tell Alexa to send you a daily update and voila you can remotely monitor their health and med intakes without being physically present all the time. 

So save yourself a worth of travel and an unnecessary trip to your grandma’s, while you can manage their needs quite comfortably where you are. 

You plan their doctor appointments, book schedules and much more. Set their routine activities and check list the one’s they’ve made it. You can plan their outdoor visits accordingly whether it’s a trip to the barbers or hair salon or a grocery store haul you can fix their dates accordingly, so your loved one’s needn’t hassle over grumpy conversations of when to do what?

Most elders are infrequent and get flustered with planning and bookings. Now you don’t have to burden them anymore, just set their needs yourself and voila! Again you’re done.

Overcome shyness

Most senior citizens tend to shy away from modern day technology out of fear of being unable to use it. But BrioCare, especially aims at making this transition simple for them and helps instill a sense of a confidence in their independent living abilities that they otherwise wouldn’t rediscover.

So download the BrioCare app via the Apple App Store or Google Play and get started. Want to join our mailing list, click here.

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*Download our mobile app & get started FREE!

*Download our mobile app & get started FREE!

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