BrioCare works for families to stay connected and care givers to focus on what matters.


So much better than playing phone tag and chasing text messages…

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Care and connect as if you are with them, all from your smartphone

Intelligent Personalization
learns and optimizes to a prescriptive plan

Care and connection at an affordable price

$ 20 Per Month / Billed Annually

Family Plan

Ideal for families to care for & support loved ones. Includes care templates, med reminders, check-ins & daily report.

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Person-centered care at a price point that benefits both the organization and the resident or member.

Help the people you care for stay connected and engaged.

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Family Care

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For Employers

Choose a prebuilt self care template & customize

Dementia Care

Increased personalized engagement and a daily routine to improve cognitive health and keep your loved ones safe.

Hypertension Care

Reduce your loved one's risk for cardiovascular disease with a more mindful lifestyle and personalized care nudges.

Diabetes Care

Reduce the progression of Type 2 diabetes and control Type 1 diabetes with individual care routines tailored to their needs.

General Wellness

A daily care routine, specially tailored to suit all your loved one’s needs, with engagement choices for active, healthy & purposeful living.

BrioCare can be connected with home care devices and monitors to track a host of key factors: blood pressure, glucose levels, heat, etc.

We will walk you through set up.
We have discounts on in-home devices.


Leslie F.
Leslie F.Caregiver & Publisher, 50 Plus Today
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"My Dad spends many hours at home alone, and I was concerned about his lack of engagement and stimulation. I was thrilled to find the easy to use BrioCare app that works with any Alexa device. It combines personalized attention and emotional support with cutting edge technology, and even calls him by name! Dad is noticeably less confused and BrioCare also helps him feel less lonely. I highly recommend this product as an inexpensive and comprehensive solution for those aging in place."
Laurie M.
Laurie M.Caregiver & Homecare Owner
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"BrioCare is a great solution for older adults aging in place alone. It’s intuitive and easy to use. The nudges and reminders are extremely helpful. I highly recommend BrioCare for those needing a little assistance but value their independence. The peace of mind for the family is invaluable. . I’ve seen the benefits in my own family as well as with some of my clients."
Tommy R.
Tommy R.Family Caregiver
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"I wanted a way to support my dad to help him maintain his health & independence. I couldn't have asked for a better way to do this."
Carol M.
Carol M.Solo Aging Expert
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"BrioCare is very effective and affordable. I wish I had something like this a few years back when I had to take care of my mom remotely."

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