Personalized & Proactive


Save time and money while providing
the care and support they need.

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Personalized & Proactive


Save time and money while providing the care and support they need.

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Combine your care with smart VOICE technology

Convenient. Easy to use. Affordable. 

The isolation of the past year highlighted the need for solutions that combine personal touch with technology that can connect us. BrioCare, designed around connectedness, allows you to care for and support your older family members even when you’re not with them. The care, connection and companionship support programs keeps them engaged and empowered. No special devices are needed : BrioCare works with any of the Amazon Echo devices.


Every instruction & words of encouragement is heard proactively through the day.


Checks-in periodically and receive daily well being & activity updates


Helps save thousands by having your loved ones continuing to age in place.

Help your loved one continue to age in place

Personalized care

Care nudges and engaging activities for active living.

Medication Reminders

Proactive medication reminders & refill voice alerts.

Emergency Calling

They can alert you if they need help anytime by just speaking to BrioCare.

Engagement & Learning

They can enjoy a world of engagement by just saying “Alexa, start BrioCare”.

Brain Health

Memory games, trivia, and podcasts help keep their brain sharp as ever.

Family Connection

Grandchildren, family & friends record personal messages in their voice.

What care your loved one needs?

Personalize & get started

Dementia Care

Increase personalized engagement and a daily routine to improve cognitive health.

Diabetes Care

Personalized care routines to help reduce the progression of Type 2 diabetes & control Type 1 diabetes.

Hypertension Care

Reduce your risk factor for cardiovascular disease with care nudges and an active life style.

General Wellness

Personalize daily routine and engagement choices for active, healthy & purposeful living.

What makes BrioCare unique?

BrioCare combines caring and communication, bringing the benefits of both to the care partnership. Its ease of use requires no complex on boarding, and the BrioCare platform’s voice AI learns a user’s preferences, expanding knowledge over time for a truly customized experience.

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