Personalized & Proactive


Support them all day, every day, even from far away.
For all the times you wish you could be there.

Connection and care for them from 
the whole family, only $5.99/month

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Personalized & Proactive


Support them all day, every day, even from far away. For all the times you wish you could be there

Connection and care for them from the whole family, only $5.99/month

Convenient, Affordable Caregiving At Your Fingertips

Connect with your loved ones using SMART VOICE TECHNOLOGY

This past year has highlighted just how much we all need connection. With BrioCare, connecting and caring for your loved ones who may be living alone or recovering from an illness is easy. Send medication reminders, check in, receive daily updates, and more so you’ll know they’re staying safe and secure, even from far away. Health and medication reminders, safety practices, warm words of encouragement, engaging games, and family connection, all from one app.

Personalized Care

Ensure your loved one remembers to take their medication and care for themself by sending them automatic voice reminders, personalized with your voice.

Peace of Mind

Never miss a day with periodic check-ins, well-being notifications, and activity updates to ensure they’re staying safe, healthy, and most of all happy.

Cost Effective

For only $5.99 a month, you’ll save thousands on what an in-home caregiver or live-in facility would charge. And allow your loved one to remain in a comfortable, familiar environment too.

More than just Caregiving

Help your loved one continue to remain SAFE, HEALTHY, and HAPPY in the comfort of their own home

Personalized care

Gentle care nudges and fun, engaging activities that promote active living.

Medication Reminders

Proactive medication reminders & refill voice alerts.

Emergency Calling

They can alert you if they need help anytime by just speaking to Briocare.

Engagement & Learning

They’ll enjoy a world of entertainment on demand, by just saying “Alexa, start BrioCare”

Cognitive Health

Memory games, trivia, and podcasts help keep their brain sharp as ever.

Family Connection

Video call and chat with grandchildren, family, and friends all from one app.

Personalize & get started

For the customized care your LOVED ONES NEED

Dementia Care

Increased personalized engagement and a daily routine to improve cognitive health and keep your loved ones safe.

Diabetes Care

Reduce the progression of Type 2 diabetes and control Type 1 diabetes with individual care routines tailored to their needs.

Hypertension Care

Reduce your loved one's risk for cardiovascular disease with a more mindful lifestyle and personlaized care nudges.

General Wellness

A daily care routine, specially tailored to suit all your loved one’s needs, with engagement choices for active, healthy & purposeful living.

Smart Voice Technology


By combining caregiving and communication, BrioCare makes caring for your loved one easy and affordable so they won’t have to feel as alone. But most of all, BrioCare will keep them safe, happy, and healthy with an individualized care routine tailored to their exact needs. With an easy, hassle-free setup, numerous care and connection options, and even specialized care options, a truly customized experience awaits you. Try it completely FREE for one month and experience amazing BrioCare support today.

24X7 Care, Connection & more, $5.99/mo

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