COVID-19 will not

be a barrier to your

Care & Connection!

Your loved ones are feeling more

isolated than ever before!

COVID-19 will not be a barrier to your​ Care & Connection​!

Your loved ones are feeling more isolated than ever before!​

Briocare is the most simple and affordable voice-first solution that keeps you connected while offering care and engagement to your loved one. Family caregivers use it to support loved ones with early stages of dementia, diabetes, hypertension and other common chronic challenges. Loved ones can enjoy happier and healthier lives with your CARE and our TECHNOLOGY

Why Briocare?

Designed to be used for loved ones who are still independent, though they may need a bit of assistance remembering things, and used by many to relieve the loneliness that comes from living alone and aging.


Get started with our personalized care routines

Briocare is simply the best at providing improved quality of life for older adults by allowing personalized care with round the clock connection and engagement.

Dementia Care

Increase engagement and a daily routine to improve cognitive health.

Diabetes Care

Personalized care routines to help reduce the progression of Type 2 diabetes and control Type 1 diabetes.

Hypertension Care

Reduce your risk factor for cardiovascular disease with care nudges and an active life style.

General Wellness

Personalize daily routine and engagement choices for active, healthy & purposeful living.

From caregiver worries to peace of mind


Every care note of yours is heard. No more outdated texts or emails for instructions.

heart care


Receive daily well being & activity updates and status.


Helps save thousands by continuing to age in place.

Empowered for active & independent living

Custom Daily Routines

Care nudges and engaging activities for active living.

Medication Reminders

Proactive medication reminders & refill voice alerts.

Emergency Calling

They can alert you if they need help anytime by just speaking to Briocare.

Engagement & Learning

Enjoy a world of engagement by just saying “Alexa, start Briocare”.

Brain Health

Memory games, trivia, and podcasts help keep their brain sharp as ever.

Family Connection

Grandchildren, family & friends record personal messages in their voice.

Try Briocare FREE for 90 days and then only $15/month. There are no activation fees and you can cancel anytime.


“Briocare is a great solution for older adults aging in place alone. It’s intuitive and easy to use. The nudges and reminders are extremely helpful. I highly recommend Briocare for those needing a little assistance but value their independence. The peace of mind for the family is invaluable. . I’ve seen the benefits in my own family as well as with some of my clients.”

Laurie M, Caregiver & Homecare Owner

“I wanted a way to support my dad to help him maintain his health & independence. I couldn’t have asked for a better way to do this.”

Chris D, Family Caregiver

“Briocare is very effective and affordable. I wish I had something like this a few years back when I had to take care of my mom remotely.”

Carol M, Solo Aging Expert

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