Elderly Care, Connection, and Companionship Using Smart
VOICE Technology.

BrioCare’s technology provides a way for family members to care for their loved ones whether in the same city or across the globe. Caregivers can create an individualized care routine tailored for their elderly loved one.

BrioCare also provides the option to choose standardized care routines for various medical conditions such as diabetes or dementia. An exciting feature is that family members and friends can stay connected with seniors by sending photos, voice messages, and video chatting. Guide your loved ones by sending care nudges through words of encouragement throughout their day.

BrioCare provides companionship for your loved one through various forms of engagement. They have fun with BrioCare by listening to their favorite music, spiritual talk, podcast, or news station. They can also actively participate in various, games, trivia, or fitness activities. These features allow them to stay involved, while living healthy and happy lives in their own home.

BrioCare is unique, innovative, and easy to use. In our ever-changing world we can help keep our loved ones safe, healthy, connected, and engaged- even from a distance - with BrioCare.

Brittany Estok

PA-C, MPH, MMS, (Product Leader - BrioCare)

Brittany leads the Homecare and Insurance Solutions business using her past experience in healthcare and public health. Brittany is an experienced physician assistant in Family Medicine and Urgent Care as well as a medication case-manager to help at-risk patients. She worked for a nonprofit that provided medical and public health access in Honduras for two years before completing her Masters in Medical Science degree in Physician Assistant Studies and Masters in Public Health from Arcadia University.

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