automated daily care

Do more with fewer employees
Offer personalized care
& engagement

Do more with fewer employees
Offer personalized care & engagement

with automated daily care

Adherence to care plans, connection and engagement at a fraction of the cost

A new technology to substantially improve daily care, connection and engagement at a fraction of the cost

BrioCare offers many unique innovative features. It will surely help your residents and differentiate you in the marketplace during these challenging times.

It’s a new voice controlled technology that can substantially improve how care and connection is administered. Not only is BrioCare intuitive to use, it is also easy to set up, inexpensive to install and is managed with a simple, yet effective mobile application by your staff.

  • Automatically coordinate daily tasks and schedules. 
  • Simple reminders and voice nudges to help increase adherence.
  • Packed with features: entertainment, engagement, connections to family and friends and healthy activities.

Enjoy the benefits of person-centered care at a price point that benefits both the organization and the resident or member. Businesses can also create new revenue streams by offering virtual care services.

For Home Care Companies

Improve the quality of care with

Quality of life

Help clients age in place and avoid the move to a senior facility

Virtual Care

Provide customized care reminders in between visits when you are not with them


Receive medical alerts, personalize communication and get in touch anytime

Lifestyle adherence

Provide disease specific tips and wellness routines to support healthy habits

050 - Human Brain Created with Sketch.

Cognitive engagement

Keep your customers active & brain sharp with a gallery of activities

For Senior Housing


Increase resident engagement and satisfaction


Increase employee productivity by reduced resident work load and voice charting

Notify Schedule

Facility posts daily food menu and activities planned


Improve quality of life of senior residents


Seniors stay in touch seamlessly with their family & friends

Longer Stays

Extend the stay duration with happier and healthier residents

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