Apply These 5 Secrets For Affordable Home Caregiving

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Caregiving can be expensive when your loved one lives at home but needs assistance with daily activities. Hiring a caregiver may be a way to help.

It can make you feel less overburdened, allow you to take regular breaks, or ensure stress-free work travels.
But hiring an in-home caregiver is expensive and impractical for many in the long run.

If you’re the primary caregiver you still need to strike a balance in your caregiving roles and your own self-health.

As pushing the limits by building stress and overwhelm can harm your own health too in the long run.

Here are some easy tips that can help you make home care affordable.

1. Planning can help cut down senior care costs.

Use better planning and management to cut costs effectively. Better health investments help to cut down future healthcare expenditure.

Try to engage your loved one’s in a healthier daily lifestyle to increase their vitality and longevity.

This can prevent bouts of ill health by making them more aware and help you make conscious choices and decisions for your loved one’s care needs.

For example, shift them to a better eating habit. Introduce healthy superfoods, teach them to stay hydrated at regular intervals, and make sure to supplement them well. Encourage them to exercise daily.

2. Hire an in-home caregiver in private rather than via a home care agency.

It’s good to try your luck in finding an in-home caregiver as it can cost 30% less than an agency.

But be aware that added security that comes with agencies like background checks, backups in case of unavailability, bonding, and insurance training, and compensations don’t come along if you’re hiring on your own.

So be responsible for hiring your own caregiver and do your research before taking the leap.

3. Use technology to offer care and connection to your loved one. It can be your loved one’s companion too.

Personal and proactive solutions such as BrioCare can help a lot in providing quality caregiving assistance at a very reasonable and affordable price.

Though nothing can compare to in-person companionship and assistance, proactive technologies can be effectively used to cut down the hours an in-home caregiver needs to be present alongside the costs associated with it.

Daily monitoring and emergency alert systems powered by Amazon Alexa using the BrioCare app can effectively keep older adults safe.

Medication reminders using Alexa’s voice at regular intervals ensure their prescriptions are taken on time. From tracking check-ups and scheduled appointment reminders to video chatting with family can help your loved ones feel less lonely and more engaged.

You can use BrioCare to set up personalized voice prompts, activity nudges, play music, memory games, and even join a meditation session.

It’s a wholesome addition to your daily caregiving and could be the most effective and affordable caregiving tool.

4. Get respite care.

Some States and non profits over free or low minimal cost respite care programs. The free 10 hours respite care ensures at least 10 hours less of a hired caregiver’s pay.

Some organizations with free respite care include the following ones.
Alzheimer’s association.
Veteran’s Administration
National Family Caregiver Support Respite.

To name a few, you can always search for what suits your loved one’s care needs best.

Set up low cost home modifications.

It can prevent falls, ward off accidents and help your elders navigate better their way through the house. Some tips include: Avoid too much clutter. Make the space more open and easy to navigate.

Use anti-slip runners or mats to reduce the chances of falling.

Make arrangements to keep things at arm’s length to help your loved ones access them when they need to, like arranging stackable or nestling tables to keep their drinking water beside them. Or a wheelchair chair installation to assist in movements for elders who find it difficult to walk.

Avoid any heavy sculptures or metal items around the house to prevent chances of collision or accidents from occurring.

Check out AARP’s home fit guide to get directions. Print it out and make it a checklist.

BrioCare, the perfect family caregiving app for you, is knocking right at your doorstep.

Gift your loved ones this invaluable treasure trove they will cherish forever. Use Voice technology to stay connected and automate your daily caregiving tasks.

To know more about what’s in store (*including introductory giveaways) for you, visit the BrioCare website today.

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