A quick 101 on dementia and how BrioCare can save the day!

Wondering on how to care for elderly dementia? We know the feeling! But we’re here to share some quick tips and easy guidelines to keep in mind when dealing with such sensitive seniors.

1. Never mind introducing yourself

Never mind if your were their closest introduce yourself every time and again, remember they are suffering from an unconscious cognitive decline and often feel like a complete stranger.

2. Tell stories about yourself

Tell stories about yourself and the times you've shared together. Make them laugh and feel loved. As they need to generate emotions void of memory, it's pretty hard for them otherwise. Narrating past stories and by taking them through events with images (old photographs/ album books) can help them discover and relate to certain emotions and feelings more readily and easily.

3. Make them aware of the reality around

Show them things they cannot recognize anymore. Take them out in nature and make them feel the sights, sounds, the smells and textures helping them reconnect and resonate with their surroundings. As they touch and feel their memory can regenerate itself helping them understand and value things better.
When indoors -
Talk to them via images, photo books and old family albums etc more often to make them feel secured and at home.

4. Never fight or be argumentative!

Dealing with dementia can be frustrating and you may loose your cool every now and then! But trust us that's surely not the way! To treat these special elder's you must acknowledge their unique condition and treat them with more loving kindness and care. Try to see the world from their eyes and you will feel and reckon their limitations and pain.

5. Always help them stick to a healthy diet

People with forgetfulness, disorientation and memory disorders would often miss their necessary meals and medications. Help them set up a nutrition chart with supplements and medications marked with a timer alert, so that they never miss their meals and vital medications on time.

Now here’s where smart solutions like BrioCare can step in.

It can make your life a whole lot easier especially if you’re a busy caregiver and can’t be around much often. 

The Alexa voice assisted smart technology by BrioCare especially designed to serve elderly needs can help you save time and be reassured of your elder’s health, wherever you are. 

With timely monitoring, Alexa voice prompts for reminders and medications, dementia elders can easily manage their day with no intervention. Timely updates or life alerts and emergencies can keep you aware of what’s going on and when you need to step in. 

So now remote caregiving with peace and ease even for dementia elders is possible thanks to solutions like BrioCare. It’s easy to use and downloadable via the Apple App Store or Google Play. It’s an investment every caregiver can cherish with the perks of having an average less cost per year and an excellent smart solution to explore, which will be eventually – the future of caregiving.

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*Download our mobile app & get started FREE!

*Download our mobile app & get started FREE!

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