as if you were with them, all from your smartphone


as if you were with them, all from your smartphone

Save time, energy & money

As a caregiver you may feel that you can never give enough. Especially when the needs of your work and family are equally as demanding of your time and energy. With BrioCare, there is no need to sacrifice your own well-being for that of your loved ones. You’ll have peace of mind, and the time and energy to focus on your own family’s needs.

Avoid the stress of a total relocation to an assisted living facility or financial burden of an in-home caregiver. Let them continue to enjoy chatting with neighbors, tending to their garden, and living in the place they call home.

Care from anywhere

BrioCare’s proactive care routines focus on dementia, diabetes, hypertension and general wellness with programmed reminders and activity nudges to support health.

Personalized Care Routines

Get started today and customize one of our daily care routines to perfectly suit their every need.

Medication reminders and refill alerts

We’ll ensure you no longer have to worry about your parent or loved one forgetting to take their medication or not ordering the refills on time.

Daily Wellbeing update

With our custom voice-to-text technology, we transcribe their words & emotions into an email that is sent to you daily.

Emergency Help

With BrioCare, your loved ones can reach you or others in their care circle quickly and easily, just by using their voice, to ensure they’ll be safe if an emergency occurs.

Keep your loved ones connected

Conveniently share photos, check-in, and even video chat with those you love most.

Video Chat & Photos

You’ll be able to talk with them through a video chat or send photos right from the BrioCare app.

Check-in & Daily Report

Our morning check-in and daily report options help families to stay updated on how their loved one is doing and be aware of what’s going on in their daily life

Family Connection Link

BrioCare works even if some of your family members don’t have the app – You can share a link with grandchildren, family, and friends for them to record a personal message for your elderly loved one in their own voice!

24/7 personalized companionship

From music to trivia and all types of wellness options, they’ll keep their mind sharp and never feel alone

Let them tune into the beats and melodies that will remind them of their youth. Listen to anything from the hits of the 60s and 70s, Spanish Classical, Big Band Jazz, and more.

Trivia or Games? A quick history quiz? Jeopardy? 20 questions? At BrioCare, we are passionate about helping them to keep their wit as sharp as ever.

Age is a blessing. Help them fill their days with deep gratitude and appreciation by
listening to meditation and mindfulness guides, and even spiritual books like the Holy Bible!

They’ll keep their memory sharp, while having fun and enjoying a good challenge. From Jeopardy to 20 Questions, Memory games, and more, there will never be a dull

BrioCare offers fitness courses, nutrition info, Mayo Clinic First Aid, and even a virtual nurse so they can be proactive and feel independent when it comes to many of their health needs!

Learning and growth never stops, no matter how long and fulfilling their life has been. TED talks, The Science of Happiness, and other podcasts will help keep them actively learning!

BrioCare is proud to promote six dimensions of wellness: emotional, occupational, physical, social, intellectual and spiritual to build holistic well-being and fulfillment. Users can focus on one wellness dimension at a time or build multiple together into an ongoing practice.

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Let BrioSmart work for you

Voice AI engine for smart & personalized care

BrioSMART continuously works to understand your loved ones better and improve their care routines. It also connects with partner systems and health devices to make care alerts more meaningful and timely.

BrioCare integrates seamlessly with your smart home, and is more convenient and easier to use than most medical alerts, reminders, and companionship services on the market today.

Learn more about the BrioCare app today! Easily downloadable from the Apple App Store and pairs seamlessly with any Amazon Echo device. It is easy to set up, even remotely, and can be ready to use in less than 15 minutes.

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