Use ‘the language of love’ to improve your
loved one’s well-being

Elderly care even from far away.

Wouldn’t you feel happy if someone smiled at you today? Definitely you would.

We at BrioCare are here to promote “the love language” for elderly caregiving ! Sounds interesting? Read on.

We as human beings are bound by certain emotions and gestures that have an immediate impact on the way we feel inwards and outwards. Now the question is, if we only would practice some of these “love language” actions with our elderly loved ones…….it could drastically improve their well-being!

So let’s look at the tenets of “practicing the love language” shall we? 
(FYI smart voice technology like Briocare can convey your love language to elderly loved ones quite regularly, even if you’re far away.)

1. Affirmations

Yes you guessed it right! It’s number one on the list. Affirmations can play a huge role in building our mindsets. Verbal communication of positive feedback and encouragement can go a long way for making elders feel more healthy. For example, sending them a voice mail describing them how much you feel they are improving everyday or that their vital test results came fine or that they are better monitoring their chronic conditions can really make them feel more confident. You can record encouraging voice messages and BrioCare will prompt it to your loved ones whenever needed.

2. Acts of service

Small acts of lending kind service can go a long way improving your elder’s quality of life. Understanding what they need and timely offering them that helpful hand is the key. Whether managing their finances or ordering their groceries, you can always make up for small acts of service that can relieve their daily needs. Setting up a smart voice assisted technology like BrioCare which is easy to use and downloadable via Apple App Store or Google Play, can hugely help manage their daily routines and timely send you updates on what they might require or in cases of emergencies.

3. Gifting gestures

Yes we all humans love a gift! That’s the sole reason for freebies hoarding and ques for the free lunch! It’s our instinct to be felt loved and express it in a physical form like a gift. But it’s always wise to keep gifting ideas to the practical needs of the person and not get swayed by emotions and gift something that might not be essentially useful. Right gifting is an art especially when it comes to elder’s! You have to be careful in gifting them what they essentially and immediately need and could be a boon for them in the future. Gifting smart solutions like BrioCare can help your elders effectively and serve them in the long term with no hidden costs.

4. Time

Yes spending time is a big one when it comes to the language of love, but in our busy lives amidst the pandemic how can it be feasible right? It sure can with our neo-age virtual techs we can make up for that weekend visit or that Thanksgiving dinner and connect with elderly loved ones from the comfort of our homes. We can laugh, share stories and feel the same connectedness as before. Smart solutions like BrioCare can help you connect with loved ones whenever you want-wherever you want.

5. Touch

Did you know the power of touch? A Schizophrenic patient having panic fits can easily be controlled by hugging tight. Yes it’s true and clinically proven, the act of embracing can have magical powers and make one feel at home and at ease at once. But this epidemic of loneliness has driven us far from that healing hug. But wait a minute! With virtual meet ups and keeping in touch regularly via calls or texts we can try and feel that cuddle a while longer. Imagining our loved ones as near as our hearts we can set up weekly calls that make our elders feel touched and hugged often.

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