Stay in Vogue While Aging in Place!

When you age in place, it can be challenging to connect with others, but you must do so. Seniors may be aging in the comfort of their homes, but they also have the social connections within their community to help them remain active and healthy. There are many reasons why aging citizens should stay connected with their loved ones and their communities, or even through elderly care technology such as BrioCare.

1. Mental Health Improvements

Seniors who are socially connected have shown to have better mental health than those who do not. It is not always physical visits with friends and families that satisfy socialization. A caregiver app or senior care app like BrioCare can help seniors remain connected to others. BrioCare offers many features such as video chats, photos, daily check-ins, and family connections. BrioCare focuses on assisting patients to maintain excellent mental health and socializing.

2. Better Physical Health

While it might sound odd, socialization can help improve physical health as well. Those who age in place were found to have more improved immune systems, fewer physical aches, and excellent blood pressure. Social connections can help make seniors feel more active. With BrioCare, you can video chat and do activities with your family. Family elderly care becomes more integrated through using our app to keep your family connected, even in the middle of the pandemic.

3. Make Better Decisions

Individuals who have people to do activities with are more likely to make better decisions when around others, just like seniors are. Family elderly care is simple with accessibility and visual connections on BrioCare. This caregiver app focuses on connecting and spending time together. Whether it is about making better decisions at mealtime or influencing better sleep schedules, family elderly care is still present on this technology and is derived through socialization.

4. Community

Remaining connected also helps with making seniors feel part of a community. The pandemic's isolation rates have been problematic because so many elderly individuals chose to age in place. Now with BrioCare or other senior care apps, people can still maintain a sense of community with their loved ones, even from a distance. It is now easier than ever before to help aged loved ones feel like they are right at home with you.

5. Longer Lives

One of the most important reasons to stay connected is the ability to increase your lifespan. Socialization makes people happier and healthier. All of the combined effects allow aging individuals to enrich their lives and live even longer. The goal of family elderly care has always been to improve the quality of life and longevity!

There are several reasons why you should consider making more connections, even while isolated and aging in place at this time. To help you, choose BrioCare as your senior care app.

BrioCare is focused on a holistic approach to wellness and health, ensuring that all six dimensions of wellness are met: emotional, occupational, physical, social, intellectual, and spiritual. While the pandemic is still happening, BrioCare should be your choice to remain connected with your loved ones and improve your quality of life.


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