What exactly happens when we're turning very very old? Your weekly guide to elderly care 2021.

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Fun fact: We really change a whole lot as we grow old..Oops!

But it’s all for good so no worries folks! Recent interesting research data shows remarkable behavioural and psychological changes in our nature from teens, 30s to 70s.. 

We really can change a whole lotta…Whoosh!! We have been constantly thinking since childhood in our heads -that ‘we are this strict rigid personality’ but science shows otherwise, we are quite malleable and change dramatically when we age.. This understanding could definitely help us age in place.

It’s not yet quite there to be looked at right now whether this trend would continue into our 100s.
Research into 100 year olds in Japan showed their innate interests in external activities without any caregiver support, societal behavioural traits and openness to new things kept them living longer and healthier lives. Guess that!

It makes a whole lot of sense since while aging things seem to change quite fast, as research suggests that elders with declining health may have lost out on friends, close relatives and colleagues. These dramatic losses may change their psychological and active interactions with the outside world quite significantly.

It’s backed by one serious work! By tracking down hundreds of the same people when they were in their 70s or 80s, where tested with two identical circumstances quite a few years apart.

Those with quite higher levels of self control implemented early on in life were seen to live a healthier life later on than their counterparts.
In general the older groups showed a decline in extroverted activities and social interactions. The good ole cheerful self they had developed throughout their lives seem to reverse in many cases.

Some call it universal maturity, while some scientists think while apart from being an incidental adverse reaction of a longer life witnessing quite an amount of circumstantial change, the path by which our psyche and persona traverses may have to do with genetics or evolution.

Some psychologists call it maturation.

While quite subjectively one might experience changes which are relative in comparison to our environments or others around us.

On the contrary, some think that our psychology is half ruled by genetics and then formed by societal stress factors formed over the course of a lifetime. .


Interesting study showed that folks that get married early and had kids before their 30s tend to mature quicker!

Early family life forces people to change with added responsibilities. Our personality may compensate for early challenges of parenthood and it’s required provisions.

But the big question is what exactly happens when we’re turning very very old?

From turning charitable to altruists and more trusting, there is a general increase in willpower and development of a good humor sense in life.

Much like the Greek stoics, elders tend to have a reign over their emotional balance and overall are drama or sensitivity controlled, one sure point that suggests why conventional grumpiness associated with old age needs quick correction!

People turn nicer and better individuals with more social adaptability and acceptance.

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Now back at it..

Elders are shown to be able to harmonise self expection and are no longer much bothered about social or self created pressures and are less assertive with a more relaxed or open approach to living every moment.

Understanding how certain behavioural patterns are linked to health can help prevent risks of diseases.

Our behavioural patterns and psychology are unbelievably linked to our overall health as we age. In the near future, understanding how certain patterns are linked to our wellness and why we can expect our behaviors to evolve throughout our lifespan might help to prevent those who are at risk of certain health problems, and intervene before letting it set in.

If not exciting always (by any means though)- it might be worthwhile to stick around to see how our personalities change and evolve in the long run.

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*Download our mobile app & get started FREE!

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