The in-home fam is the safest choice ! With BrioCare


Yes, you heard it right! Our BrioCare family are living life to the fullest amidst this raging pandemic. 

How? You might wonder? Right? 

We’ve got solutions that you’d love. BrioCare isn’t just about setting up care alerts like medicine reminders or doctor calls prompted by Alexa, it has much more in store than you’d think!

It can play memory games, offer exciting infotainment for your elders as they beat isolation in their home space. 

The new normal jargon is too old school by now and elders can be socially more active than they ever were. Creative senior’s can really turn workaholics penning a new book at home. Old crusty brushes can have a good soak and can create a masterpiece that your senior can cherish forever.

BrioCare is here to inspire active senior living even from home. We ensure our elders are following their daily maintenance of health and supplements (quite important now) so they can live fully without worrying about irksome ailments.

It’s happy aging that we promote not grumpy faces or ole grandpa humps. We just want them to feel active and alive again, well they surely are (alive) but need to live that lost vitality much like they were born yesterday.

All those grumbles of ends and lack of enthusiasm are broomed out of the way. With BrioCare’s endless options your seniors learn and interact with newer things everyday.

They can never feel alone thanks to video calls, they can feel loved, thanks to specially recorded Alexa voice prompts. So staying at home never felt so close, so easy and so rewarding thanks to BrioCare, and did we mention, it’s less expensive per year!!

Now here’s the jam, we give you 5 tips to beat the isolation woes of this pandemic if you’re at home!

  • For seniors unless your Doctors advise otherwise, get vaccinated!!! Yes it’s the only way till now, to beat this pandemic. It gives you added safety alongside your regular medical precautions.
  • In all likelihood you are vaccinated, don’t take it easy, maintain health norms as prescribed by your Doctor and keep in check your other chronic conditions accordingly.
  • Elders can get into the groove at home. If you were a music lover, bring out your 60s EPs and listen to music as you’d use to, all day long on repeat. EPs are dusty! Don’t bother, with BrioCare just ask Alexa to play your favorite band or song.
  • Pursue your kept aside goals-write the book you’ve always dreamt of, paint a masterpiece, be a backyard photographer, garden up a rainforest, really re- discover knitting or tailor clothes for yourself or your loved ones.
  • There are endless possibilities to choose from. So isn’t the safest place home for our loved ones with BrioCare.

Download the app now via Apple App Store or Google Play and explore! Gain more to save more, watch out on our latest updates, read our blogs on tips and tricks, lookout for promotional offers and arrival giveaways to know much more visit

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