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Amazed! Yes, it’s true.
You’ve been long hearing of protein proclaimers but emerging evidence suggests otherwise… Mind blowing facts that most don’t know …

Unbelievably, a high-carb diet plan may explain why shocking evidence suggests a 10:1 ratio of carbohydrates to proteins may alter the body from the ruins of natural aging.

The long gone search for the ultimate “elixir of youth” has spanned over centuries – but recent data halted the hunt and has centred on older inhabitants enjoying the longest life expectancy with the vast majority of those years are living in remarkably good health too.
So what’s the secret?

Age in place and live longer!

One of the remarkably most interesting factors to have caught recent attention is the shocking, weird, and peculiarly high ratio of carbohydrates to protein in the diet – with a particularly significant abundance of sweet potato as the source of most of the calories.

I know what you’re thinking right now? Ahem!
It is quite the contrary of current popular diet plans, beliefs, and recommendations that generally advocate a high protein, and always a low carb diet. Despite the popularity of the tailored Keto, Atkins, and Paleo diets, however, there is very minimal evidence in reality that high-protein really bring about long-term benefits.

According to these data studies, a low protein, high carbohydrate diet surely sets off various physiological immunity responses that help to protect us from various age-related illnesses. And that this golden ratio may achieve the optimal dietary balance to achieve those immunity effects.

And the results are shocking,

These elders appear to significantly have delayed many of the usual effects of aging, with almost two-thirds living alone and independently until the age of 97.

This remarkable immunity, healthspan, and lifespan are evidently found across many age-related diseases.

The typical studied elder appeared to be completely free of the typical signs of cardiovascular disease. The oldest residents also reported to have far lower rates of cancer, diabetes, and dementia than other ageing populations.

Reduced risks for Alzheimer’s

Is it a genetic miracle or an unimaginable diet plan?

But what can explain fully that unbelievable extraordinary longevity?

Genetic good inheritance can be one important factor. Preliminary studies suggested this may include a significantly reduced prevalence of increased risk of heart disease and Alzheimer’s.

Amazingly, they may also be more likely to carry a protective immunity, regulating metabolism and cellular growth. It appears to reduce the risk of various age-related diseases, including cancer.

Longevity solutions and beat loneliness!

Even so, it seems still unlikely that only good genes would or can fully explain the miracle longevity, other lifestyle factors will also be important to be looked into. Less likelihood to smoke, active engagement in farming or outdoor activities, and hobbies like fishing alongside, tight-knit communities also help to maintain an active social life into old age. Social connection significantly has also been shown to improve endurance, health, and longevity by reducing the body’s cortisol stress responses.
Loneliness, in contrast, on the other hand, has been shown to be as harmful as smoking 15 cigarettes a day. That’s a lot!


It is the magic diet, we are talking about, that may potentially change our views on healthy aging.

The staple carbohydrate suggested is sweet potato alongside an abundance of green and yellow vegetables – such as the bitter melon – and various vegan gluten free soy products.

Although meat and fish and other protein sources are included but mainly the thriving’s on mostly plant-based foods.

The traditional plant based diet is therefore dense in the essential vitamins and minerals – including anti-oxidants – yet low in calories. A good 11% fewer calories were eaten than the normal recommended consumption guide for healthy adults.

The life-enhancing longevity virtues of a low “calorie restricted” diet.

Guess that!

Listen to US National Institute on Aging!

The US National Institute on Aging is highly suggestive: that the participants on a calorie restricted diet showed significantly better cardiovascular health – including lower blood pressure and low cholesterol.

The benefits of the miracle diet might not end just with its calorie restriction.

A series of studies examining the influence of dietary composition (rather than just sheer quantity) on aging has consistently found interestingly that a high-carb, low-protein diet extends the lifespan of various species, whoah!

What an eye opener? Now that’s really amazing!

This build-up of damaged proteins may be usually responsible for many diseases and the regular clean up when eating a low-protein diet could well prevent it. Guess that!

So should we all start adopting the miracle diet? Not quite.

Some evidence is that low protein intake may limit bodily damage up to the age of 65, but you may then benefit from increasing your protein intake bit by bit after that point. Optimal nutrition fact – a diet higher in plant-based protein appears to be way better than a diet rich in meat or dairy, for instance.

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Living longer due to the fact is cause of eating (mostly) fruit and vegetables, rather than its high carb, low protein content.
So eat more veggies folks!

Ultimately, good health is probably due to a lucky confluence of many factors!

But eating sweet potato is nevertheless good for starters. What do you think?

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