How smart care solutions like BrioCare is a game changer for caregivers & older adults.

smart voice technology for Elders

Smart voice technology is what people are referring to nowadays when they refer to Alexa!, Google Assistant, or the good ole Siri! on the iPhone. It’s the power of ‘voice’ AI’s game changing technology that is capable of doing much more than just playing music off your phone. In fact, voice technology itself can be an innovative solution with the idea of family caregivers and older adults in mind.

It’s hands-free, cost effective, and awesome!

Unlike any other tech of its kind, voice technology is hands off and AI care driven. Which means that in order to control the device, all you have to do is talk to it, which is great and ideal for elders with visual impairment or lacking adaptability in handling complex navigation or typing.

For older adults with failing memory or even dementia, the BrioCare app works alongside Alexa to set up calendar reminders with voice prompts.

Family caregivers or their loved ones can simply tell Alexa to set a reminder for a specific day, and they’re good to go! The Alexa app works with BrioCare so you will get reminders on your personal cell phone as well as through Alexa itself.

Easy to use

Independent living of family caregivers and their loved ones, significantly reduces stress and guilt, promoting a more engaging and enjoyable outlook to caregiving.

To get started

Just get your Alexa, plug it in, download the BrioCare app and et voila! The app will configure itself and you’re ready to use.
BrioCare Alexa powered voice technology is incredibly easy and manageable by anyone, anywhere.

Helps connect family members and caregiver

One can never be far away in the age of video calls and voice chats. BrioCare provides you seamless connectivity with loved ones in all fronts. Whether it’s sending voice prompted reminders, or a personal message of love we deliver all that’s happening at once to never miss a moment.

Makes your loved ones feel included

BrioCare can be your family where caregivers and their loved ones come together, share, help, and feel equally in a platform created solely for them and their needs.

With the BrioCare app, caregivers and their elders can feel at ease knowing they are safe, protected, and connected! To promote such neo aging solutions watch out for the latest updates and blogs @ and download the app now via Apple App Store or Google Play to get started.

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