The most common thing that goes unnoticed in elderly care! Ssssh BrioCare foretells!

Elderly care

It is the reason why most senior’s in the States are rushed to the ER. However benign it may seem, it is the commonest mistake we make while caring for our elderly loved ones.

Curious? Read on.

We all know the good old saying -common sense is not that quite common. It might not sound like rocket science but it is a quite practical eventuality. But have we ever thought about when it comes to our very own loved ones, especially elder’s ? No wheesh! Don’t give us nightmares! We promise we won’t! But think about it, fall prevention is the most obvious yet the most common thing that goes unnoticed especially for ageing family members. 

Nothing absolutely nothing like a single minor fall can create a series of unimaginable havoc that you had least expected. Propensity to fall is not a sign of ageing, so don’t blame them! 

Lack of awareness, inability to identify objects like a stairway bend ,soapy water left on hardwood floors, a certain slippery rug or poor slippers can all lead to accidental falls. 

Here are some quick tips from the house of BrioCare to prevent those unwarranted slips

senior fall

1. Always make sure your elders are diligent on their meds. A slight negligence -missing a vital med can cause disorientation or an unconscious fall and a trip to the ER.

2. Inform your elders if you’ve recently moved furnishings or changed anything anywhere. Remember their neural pathways are fixed and not much adaptable to sudden changes in topography. So their own might seem alien to them if it’s overhauled without notice, causing them to trip here and there. 

3. Beware of wires! We mean it, no matter how impractical it sounds with the need for charging a zillion devices, it’s highly imperative that you do watch out for those creepers for your elders making them well informed too on wirings and it’s lurk dangers. 

4. Lastly , but definitely not the scariest of them all are the stairways, yes over 70% falls are caused by being negligent while walking on a stairway. The red flags here are pretty clear, no spilled water should be left unnoticed on hardwood floors, no wirings near staircases, no slippery rugs or a runner without an anti-slip.

With these golden rules of fall prevention, we hope your elders remain safe and aware. But it is still not a perfect world is it?

With elder’s it can mean serious underlying causes for example they might forget their vertigo medication or their glasses need a change. The causes are endless and grave when it comes to senior’s. 

So what can we do about it? A constant companion with an all seeing eye is an impossible idea right? So why not make use of the smart solutions our everyday technology can offer. 

BrioCare uses innovative Alexa voice technology to provide smart care solutions perfect for seniors. It can hugely improve their daily routine maintenance and effectively manage mishaps like accidental falls caused by negligence.. 

In case things are severe it can also send life alerts and emergency mailers/call prompts to the caregiver when it’s physically required to step in. It has features like medication reminders so whether it’s your grumpy ageing parent or a serious dementia elder, BrioCare is highly customized and can be set according to your needs. Whether you want Alexa to voice prompt safe navigation for impaired senior’s or help them relax by playing their choice of meditative music. 

It’s all up-to you now? Just go ahead and download it via the Apple App Store or Google Play, it takes 2 seconds et voila! You’re good to go. Explore the BrioCare app now and watch out for giveaways . 

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