Caregiver alert! Family caregiving- It's challenges and how to overcome them?

This is a tough one! We all know the drill that makes family caregiving so demanding. It’s hard to put in words but you get the point right, it’s a definite bummer so to say.

But what if it isn’t? Do we say family caregiving can be as easy as tapping on your phone? Don’t believe it yet. Right? Let us explain…

Family caregiver and her loved one standing together

The consequences of family caregiving. Let’s sort this one out first… The perils of at home caregivers:

1. Less me-time

Family caregiving often cuts corners on yourself. There’s no way out of responsibilities and you end up craving that long lost hobby or some relaxing, much needed me-time with yourself. Reaching out for that book you can’t end up reading cause of time constraints. Dozing off as you hit bed. We get you!

2. Less productivity at work

Yes when family caregiving takes center stage, work usually goes backstage. That’s a pretty straight equation. It’s true most caregivers end up cutting down work opportunities and travel to watch over their loved ones at home. Reality check.

3. Tired, busted, and burdened

Yes, that’s what you get when you’re tied up all week. No strings attached but you’re already wishing to break free. The shackles of caregiving. We get it!

4. You need respite care. Urgent

To go out on that vacation. Your holiday time needs some space for you to breathe and relax. Asap!

5. Finding routine errands pointless

Yes those annoying little things you wish you hadn’t had to do. Keeping up appointments, alarm clocks, medication prescriptions, etc. Those annoying phone calls everyday. Checking up on details. Bruh! It can get monotonous!

6. Losing out quality time with your loved ones

End up missing out on events and dinners. Caregiving can impact social life quite negatively. As you’re psychologically drained you find less family time and life’s just clockwork. Relatable?

7. Relationships turning sour

That’s a common one you’re losing out on love as caregiving grows tougher than you think. Feeling of that dreaded caregiver guilt is normal and you hate yourself for it. Family care programs and pilots in many care homes across town make senior caregiver apps surely a must try for you!

8. Anger and agitation

Impatience and aging are common friends. Grumpiness can grow on both sides, family and elderly care issues? Find things too slow moving. Life’s stuck and you want to make it work! The caregiving app surely is the one for you.

9. Security and emergency concerns

Lost that peace. Waking up sweaty at nights? Worried about your loved one’s health and emergency care. We understand you! Target the concerns that give you those cold sweats over unwarranted fear and anxiety. A caregiver app is all you might need!

10. Haunting costs

As family caregiving grows expensive. You’d want something cheaper, an alternative to hiring in-home caregivers. Making it well in your budget and economical too? Without getting frugal? We get your point!


Let’s see how we can fix this with BrioCare, the family care app that you should consider now.

1. More time to yourself

Yay! You get more me time, with BrioCare around to check up on your loved ones, you can get going and splurge on self-indulgences -Get some time meditating, try out that pilates session or read up that book… With BrioCare around you can relax and breathe easily. Just keep your Alexa plugged in and you’re good to go!

2. Restore your relationship

Yes BrioCare can restore family dates making you attend all family events even remotely. Set up that video call and meet up with your loved ones as often as you’d want. Nothing brings you closer than some good family time well spent. A family caregiver app that understands your needs like none other.

3. Give it a second chance

Give caregiving a second chance . See how rewarding it can be when you have the right digital companion, BrioCare can make caregiving rewarding. With daily errands and routine reminders taken care of caregiving is easy as few taps on your phone. Quite literally!

4. Get a best shot at caregiving

BrioCare gets everything set out on time, so you never miss a thing! Just get everything streamlined and you’re good to go. No worries from now on. 

Ahoy! BrioCare, the best senior caregiver app on board!

5. Planning and management

Yes proactive voice AI gets your planning and management skills on point. Just set it up and forget, it’s as easy as that. We promise.

6. Peace, health and security

You can have it all. With BrioCare around you won’t get those sleepless nights and outbursts of caregiver guilt. As you find your virtual care companion stacked up in your smartphone. Why wait, try BrioCare, the best caregiver app today. 

Download the app now via Apple App Store or Google Play and explore! Gain more to save more, watch out on our latest updates, read our blogs on tips and tricks, lookout for promotional offers and arrival giveaways to know much more visit

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*Download our mobile app & get started FREE!

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