Remote caregiving is a reality today!

The pandemic has taught us many lessons. And here’s the big one for starters, remote caregiving has been on all our minds lately and for good reasons though. 
It’s been the dream of all family caregivers for decades.

remote caregiving using alexa voice technology

The flexibility, savings and convenience it could offer are beyond belief. So no wonder why remote caregiving has become a reality today. 

The answer might be simple! 

It’s just a home care app that you might need to program remotely and a device that is with your loved one! 

It’s the time!

It’s about time we embrace the future of caregiving. Smart proactive senior care apps like BrioCare help us just to do that. Effectively!

Effortless caregiving 

Remote caregiving often faces challenges and issues like caring from a distance, senior isolation, time management and financial burdens. They can be effortlessly dealt with elder care app like BrioCare that can schedule your loved one’s routine care needs from anywhere. Right from setting wake up calls,  activity nudges, and scheduled reminders you can offer daily remote care to them. You can track them via BrioCare’s activity status and instant notifications so you never miss out on them. 

Daily care management from a distance

Yes with BrioCare you can ensure your loved one is never missing out on medications, snack time or drinking enough fluids just by automating the daily care programs via your phone. 

Managing and supporting senior health from a distance is now super easy and effective.

Care from anywhere

Quite literally, BrioCare ensures you can care from anywhere. With the freedom to check up on your loved ones from anywhere while driving to work, on business trips or vacation breaks you can now monitor your loved one’s needs and schedule their activities from a distance at ease with no time lost. The simple and responsive user interface makes this app easy to use to schedule and reschedule reminders and activities for months at a time. 

Pairing it with Alexa makes it a next generation voice care superhero like no other. 

So if you’re in for remote caregiving you wouldn’t wanna miss this app for sure.

Reduce senior care costs

Effectively save unwarranted trips when you can care from anywhere. What if you couldn’t make it home this holiday season, BrioCare can show that you care just as much. Schedule family video calls and stay connected with your mom and dad with personalized voice care options that make them feel you’re as near as ever.

With daily health management in place, your loved ones live longer, happier with fewer chances of hospitalizations while saving on unwarranted doctor bills. Prevent accidental falls, senior isolation, dehydration and other lurking senior care problems by installing BrioCare. It’s an easy, simple, and effective caregiving solution that you can’t go wrong with.

Resourceful caregiving

Let BrioCare do all the work!

Try out some of the best caregiving tips

Automation can be your best friend and a lifesaver. 

Automating all your daily care prompts, activities and reminders let you ease and relax,  while BrioCare takes care of the rest for months at an end! Sorted!

Time management

Get more time in hand with fewer things to worry about, when you automate care routines with BrioCare. It saves you time and lets your loved ones pre schedule their activities for weeks in advance. Now you’ve got the freedom! Literally.

What's more?

You can record activity nudges in your own voice to make daily caregiving reminders more personalized and add a touch of ‘you’ in your loved ones’ lives every day.

Did you know:

A lot of older adults that are aging in place have adopted BrioCare as the perfect senior home care app solution. Ensuring their trust and leap to proactive and personalized remote care. BrioCare promises to offer them the best in the virtual care world. 

Now that’s awesome, isn’t it? 

Connected living – Help your mom and dad stay connected and age in place with BrioCare. Everyday! 

Get started with the perks of remote caregiving now available on your smartphone for free for a year. 

Download BrioCare today, the best elder care app today and be with your loved ones like never before this year!

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