5 ways to help you live independently that could save the day!

Living independently, as natural as it sounds might be a far off dream for some. Most aging adults often find freedom a luxury and there are some serious reasons why.

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Did you know?

Approximately 85 % of American aging adults over 65 would love to live independently at home. 

But the question remains – Is that more wishful thinking than reality? 

Here are a few common reasons why the idea of aging independently doesn’t seem to work as expected.

Lack of motivation

That’s a big factor. Losing confidence and motivation comes with aging naturally. 

Agility, reflexes and muscle memory are no longer the same. Depression sets in for most adults as they grow weary of their own surroundings and themselves. 

Lacking motivation can make things worse as one might start neglecting their daily health and hygiene habits if left alone and isolated for a while. That’s an alarm bell for future ailments and added dependence. To ensure loved ones are not lacking self worth it’s important that they don’t lose their interests, hobbies and passions with age. 

It’s important to have something to look forward to and a reason to wake up from bed every morning. Daily health management and staying active can encourage our loved ones to live happier and longer lives with a sense of purpose. 

Independent living technology designed for seniors like BrioCare answers this challenge by promoting purposeful living with active engagement for aging loved ones and helps in maintaining senior health and wellness while letting them grow, thrive and age in place.

All via an app on your smartphone. 

Lack of support

Most often aging adults feel unheard and neglected. The lack of love and support seems to add on to the aging epidemic.

Lack of sleep & physical well-being

Untracked sleep cycle and quality along with missing medications can be an often overlooked problem for many independent seniors. Living alone can too make things harder to remember on time with no one checking in at intervals.

Here’s where seniors’ health can go seriously wrong, well not anymore – BrioCare is a senior care app that can check in on aging adults all day long without them losing their sense of freedom. It tracks and manages the elders’ sleep cycle and quality, daily eating habits, medication reminders and alerts, prescriptions, daily hydration, exercise, help with meditation and much more. All via a single app and a smart speaker! Genius It’s the perfect device for seniors with no need for clunky wearables all the time and external health monitors.

Lack of social interactions

Living alone for most aging adults can invite loneliness and isolation. Social interactions are a crucial part of aging independently as it helps seniors maintain better mental health and promotes purposeful living. 

Even if unable to leave home BrioCare helps aging loved ones socialize with scheduling weekly video calls with friends and family, helps in maintaining connections and provides sustaining mental support. Plus it can work hands free so no more typing woes! (senior’s often hate that one) with seamless Alexa syncing BrioCare works round the clock on voice commands. It is completely hands-free, ensuring unmatched ease of use and comfort.

Bonus tip!

Go hands-free truly!

BrioCare’s hands-free functionality makes it the best digital companion for seniors with mobility issues as well.

Lack of timely care

Independent aging often leads to poor health adherence with no timely alerts or check-ins, aging loved ones may be leading a not so healthy life. Senior care apps like BrioCare can help them manage their daily health and habits better with constant reminders and timely check-ins. Without letting them lose their sense of independence! Now that’s a win-win!

Here are 5 simple ways living independently can be easier for all aging loved ones out there and can save their day for good reasons!

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1. Having invested in a care app

It might be the best decision you’ve ever taken. Investing in the right senior care app can work wonders when aging alone or independently. There are many reasons why, and some good arguments to support this.

Now consider this.

Most often aging loved ones have a list of things to do and yet end up forgetting most of it. The culprit – cognitive degeneration, as aging leads to general mental dissonance and it is quite a natural and expected part of aging. 

However, such an experience might be daunting and scary for a normal healthy person, but the truth is -these are the often neglected realities and daily difficulties of our aging loved ones. However it’s not all doom and gloom, there’s a silver lining to this situation! Even if certain daily tasks seem to appear burdensome and unsafe for seniors it doesn’t mean it’s time to start looking up for assisted living facilities . 

No, not at all ! With the right support and taking the right precautions and providing timely care solutions, we can ensure our loved ones can age independently in the comfort and familiar space of their homes. 

And we are going to show you how. Here’s where BrioCare steps in! BrioCare can help aging parents live independently in the comfort of their own homes while keeping them engaged, connected and managing their daily routine all via a single app! It’s absolutely free for a year for starters and is easily downloadable on Google Play store or App Store for iPhones.

2. Management of daily needs

When daily needs are sorted aging with freedom is easier to achieve. Managing all via a care app can be a gamechanger to help age independently with the perfect support and better overall health. It’s a cost effective and easy alternative to investing in expensive care solutions that are restrictive and promote dependence over time! 

It’s time to think it over for good!

3. Investing in hands-free technology

It’s important when it comes to senior care. Aging independently can be impossible for most seniors with growing mobility issues and restrictions. 

A hands-free technology is specially designed for senior use as they can control and command literally from anywhere in the room without the need to move or seek assistance.

Smart speakers like Alexa can hear them across the room from anywhere. Now that’s what we call complete freedom

4. Avoid accidents

Fire hazards and accidental falls are often serious concerns for independent agers, as living alone can let things go unchecked. 

Not anymore, with BrioCare you can set reminders to make sure your loved ones check out if they’ve turned off the kitchen appliances or locked their doors daily with scheduled timely supervision prompts all via their BrioCare app!

5. Building confidence

BrioCare can help loved ones rediscover their lost self worth and lead a life full of confidence, passion and purpose while leading a healthier and happier life! Daily. 

To know more on how BrioCare can change your caregiving for good. 

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Download the app today, it’s free for a year. You can also book a free call at your convenience to discuss more about BrioCare with the team. Book now.

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