Caregiver looking at senior's care report

Prebuilt dementia care template, check-ins, daily report, health tips, & more…..fully integrated with Alexa

Prompts throughout the day provide reference points to assist with activities like eating, medication reminders, and facilitate healthy habits like exercise.

BrioCare provides a solution for individuals with dementia by giving reminders to avoid forgetting to lock the doors or take the keys as one leaves the house.

Promoting consistent cognitive and mental activity has been shown to slow the progression of dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease. BrioCare provides easy access to fun and engaging methods of cognitive stimuli for adults.

Asking Alexa to “start BrioCare” brings a personalized program of companionship options, including music, games, trivia, podcasts, spiritual talks for engagement.

BrioCare lets you check-in periodically, every evening it sends an activity and well being report of your loved one to you.

You save time and money, your level of worry and stress is reduced, and your aging parent stays active, engaged, and healthy.

Get started with our daily wellness template and customize it for your specific needs.