Offer VOICE care!

Caregiving has evolved a long way. With the new proactive voice care solutions there is no learning curve for the older adults as these solutions are like having natural conversations. This makes it more effective and an overall better experience for everybody.

BrioCare is the best voice care app

It's the perfect combination of a caregiver app that works with smart voice technologies like Alexa and Google Hub so your loved ones can continue to age in place.

Personal voice prompts

Send personalized voice care notes for your elderly family member to remain organized, happy, and healthy every day.

Voice care & activity nudges

Personalized daily care/activity nudges and voice reminders to promote your loved ones health and active living.

Family voice messages

Family members & friends can quickly send a love note or wishes to your loved ones even if they don't have BrioCare app.

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Completely customizable voice care app

Customize and set up personal voice prompts, care reminders, activity nudges and daily activity monitoring all from one app!

Make caregiving a lot easier by turning Amazon Alexa as your personal caregiving tool (voice care solution).

BrioCare's proactive care routines, medication reminders, music sessions and play engaging memory games with cognitive detection to keep your loved ones aging in place!

BrioCare can make your lives a lot easier with less stress and worries. It also saves time, energy and money for you. It's a match made in heaven!

Make remote caregiving dream possible with our smart proactive voice care solution. Stay connected with BrioCare as it helps you with every step of your loved one's well-being.

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You save time and money, your level of worry and stress is reduced, and your aging parent stays active, engaged, and healthy.