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Hypertension care and management.

We're glad to have you sneak in here, hypertension management is one of the items to focus on while we're talking elderly healthcare. Uncontrolled blood pressure is not only bad for heart health and the entire cardiovascular system, it also triggers stress responses and increased cortisol levels which causes those irritable mood swings.

BrioCare can help your loved ones keep their blood pressure in check.

With reminders to eat nutritious fruits and veggie servings to taking prescribed meds on time go a long way in managing hypertension effectively.

BrioCare also prompts for regular activities and exercise to maintain a healthy weight and keeps blood pressure in control.

Hypertension care is made easy with de-stressing night time meditation reminders, and music sessions. Stress spikes blood pressure, BrioCare helps your loved one's relax and de-stress daily.

Elders with cardiovascular conditions and dementia might forget to take their medications. BrioCare helps them stay on track and never miss a medication.

BrioCare is your new hypertension management app for your loved ones.

You save time and money, your level of worry and stress is reduced, and your aging parent stays active, engaged, and healthy.

Get started with our daily wellness template and customize it for your specific needs.