With an emergency alert app
Be emergency ready!

Eldercare is still dominated by 30 year old Personal Emergency Response Technology. New technology from Amazon & Google allows us to provide a more effective and cheaper way of offering emergency & life alert features.

With emergency alert app

Be ready for your loved ones

Stay Connected

It helps you to get a sense of what your loved one is doing with just a short glance at your cell phone.

Get Notified

Your loved one can reach you on any emergency situation just by saying, “BrioCare, call for help”.

Stay in peace

Live Peacefully

Never miss a day with periodic check-ins, and activity updates to ensure they’re staying safe, healthy, and most of all happy.

Emergency alert app at its best!

Why BrioCare app for emergency care?

We're glad you stopped by here, it's an important and life saving choices we're talking about. Being emergency ready is never too late.. With no time lost you can stay rest assured you're never going to miss out on your loved ones urgent care needs.

Your loved one does not need a special device to buy or wear: it works with any of the popular Amazon Alexa devices. For any emergencies they just say “Alexa call for help” and it immediately connects to you and others.

old women lying down as she suffers from heart attack