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A 24 X 7 digital guide & senior companion app!

BrioCare is a voice-controlled digital companion that is always there to assist and guide your parents. It is perfect for the solo parent living in their own home or who is living in a community.

See their day with the best digital companion

With a world of engaging activities, it makes sure your loved ones have an active day and do not feel lonely.

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They can enjoy nostalgic melodies


Keep their wit as sharp as ever


Fill their days with deep gratitude

Games & Puzzles

Keep their memory sharp, while having fun

Self are

Help them be proactive and feel independent


Podcasts will help keep them actively learning

See BrioCare at home!

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Senior companion app to live happily and age gracefully

Bye Bye Loneliness! Thanks to its versatility it can play music, read audiobooks, turn on podcasts, play memory games to improve cognitive health and much more!

BrioCare is the perfect personalized companion for your loved one assisting them at every step. Now that's awesome!

Reminders for dog walks, exercise time and nightly meditation sessions make their days organized, engaging, purposeful, healthy and happy!

What's more? Pair easy with Alexa! It talks to your loved ones using their first name and becomes their true guide and companion.

Ease your aging parent's boredom and loneliness, honor their independence, and ease your mind.

Free introductory offers make it a hard to miss. Take your first step today!