BrioCare, the voice-first care platform introduces new feature, Caregiver Corner.

BrioCare’s proactive voice-first care platform brings personalized engagement and care support to older adults and family caregivers. The platform powers a range of support programs, including proactive care (care routines, medication reminders, well-being updates, and emergency help), companionship (24/7 engagement programs) and connection to family and friends.

Caregiver Corner is a new feature on the BrioCare mobile app. 

It helps caregivers with one central location to conveniently store all the care team contact details, access caregiver support resources including caring for various chronic conditions, information on local Govt. support, agencies and much more.

As part of a pilot project with Dementia Action Alliance, the caregiver corner was identified as a much needed feature for the caregivers.


BrioCare is on a mission to enable older adults live engaged, independent lives using smart voice technology through a proactive virtual care solution, while offering care partners cost-effective connection and peace of mind.

“With the growing population of baby boomers turning 65 (and older), new technologies are needed to ensure this generation is receiving the care and engagement they need,” says Shaun Mitra, CEO of BrioCare. “We focus on improving ‘3Cs’ for older adults: Care, Connection, and Companionship.”

BrioCare capabilities include pre-defined daily routine templates for diabetes, hypertension, dementia, general wellness, and more. To improve physical and mental health, BrioCare prompts users to exercise, practice brain games, listen to music, and more. For social engagement, family and friends can leave personal voice notes or words of encouragement. Additional features are regularly in development.

BrioCare ensures older adults stay on top of their medical care plans, enjoy engaging content and stay connected with friends and families. With benefits including reduced loneliness among seniors and reduced stress among caregivers, BrioCare is an affordable solution that is guaranteed to improve the quality of life for seniors living alone across the country.

BrioCare also works with home care, senior living and wellness management companies. You can find out more about BrioCare by clicking here.

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