BrioCare is a finalist!

BrioCare has been recognized as one of the very best aging-focused startups globally. It is a finalist for the Global Innovation Search competition organized by Aging 2.0 and Louisville Healthcare CEO Council (LHCC). The finalists were chosen after combining the thousands of public votes and feedback from Aging 2.0 Alliance members.

Aging 2.0 and Louisville Healthcare CEO Council (LHCC) Finalist

Shaun Mitra, Founder of BrioCare says “We are excited about being in the finals and we thank everybody out there that helped us be in the finals”. 

Additionally, he says “BrioCare is riding the three waves of 1) older adults want to continue to age in place 2) smart speakers are gaining in popularity and 3) care is moving more and more to homes from acute centers. Given that it uses smart VOICE technology there is no learning curve for older adults. As voice technology becomes more pervasive and frequently used, BrioCare will be a great platform to offer new health & care services along with other partners”. 

Recently BrioCare announced that it is now part of the Thrive Center

Thrive Center

The Thrive Center was established with a goal to highlight innovations that promote healthy and graceful aging. Nestled in the heart of NULU in downtown Louisville Kentucky, this center is a space haven for new innovative technology exhibitions, special programs to promote elder wellness and an array of educational programs for the community.

Person-centered care is at the heart of BrioCare

BrioCare capabilities include pre-defined daily care templates for diabetes, hypertension, dementia, general wellness, and more that are fully integrated with Amazon Alexa. 

To improve physical and mental health, BrioCare prompts users to exercise, practice brain games, listen to music, and more. For social engagement, family and friends can leave personal voice notes or words of encouragement for their loved ones.

BrioCare is available as an application to download on Apple and Android devices. The application is then used with the BrioCare Alexa Skill on connected Amazon Echo devices. For more information click here.

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*Download our mobile app & get started FREE!

*Download our mobile app & get started FREE!