BrioCare is leading the connected care space with its proactive voice-first care hub. The BrioSMART platform powers its personalized engagement, providing a range of care support, including: proactive care (care routines, medication reminders, well-being updates and emergency help), companionship  (24/7 engagement programs) and connection to family and friends. 

BrioCare stands out in the care space, transforming and enriching the caregiver/user experience. The platform learns a user’s preferences, expanding knowledge over time for a truly customized experience, BrioCare combines caring and communications without making a choice between them and is easy to use, requiring no complex onboarding. Communications, companionship and care – fully  accessible by just saying, “Alexa – start BrioCare.


To enable older adults to live engaged, independent lives using smart voice technology through a proactive virtual care solution, while offering care partners cost-effective connection and peace of mind.


To revolutionize caregiving and aging in place through a proactive virtual care solution, creating a new level of connection and independence.


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BrioCare is super easy to use and effective.


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